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Frequently Asked Questions

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All the most frequently asked questions about adding text to your designs.


1. I want to align my text boxes.

You can align the text boxes by following the steps below:
1. Select the text boxes you want to line up by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard.
2. Clicking on the "Align" objects on the text toolbar will allow you to align your text boxes left, right, top and bottom along with the corresponding side of the photo, the image and the canvas. You can also center them horizontally and vertically.

2. I cannot change the text on the canvas.

Check to see which tab is selected. You must select the "Text" tab to edit your text. If the "Decorations" tab is selected, you won't be able to edit the text, because it is not a text box.

3. I want to change the text color and size.

You can use the Text toolbar to change the color and the size of your text. You can change the size of your font by typing your desired text size directly into the "Size" section or click the Increase Font Size or Decrease Font Size icons until the size you want is displayed in the Font Size box. As you move the numbers up and down the scale, the size of the text on the page will change accordingly.

4. I cannot change the text size "3" (or "120").

Please note that the minimum font size is 5 and the maximum font size is 100.