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Engage your customers with exciting news and updates with our professionally designed newsletter templates.  Customize your content, logo and images.

Newsletter Templates

Our professionally designed newsletter templates let you provide your customers with exciting news and important updates about your company. Customize content, images, logos and more.

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Free newsletter creator

Create customized newsletters for your business with flexible and easy-to-use layout designs. You can even save your own layouts and edit them later.

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Customizable newsletters

Use example ideas to get started on creating a newsletter for your school, company, or industry. Then add your favorite photos, fonts, and colors to make it unique.

5 tips on how to create engaging newsletters

  • 1. Do your research
    Before you create a newsletter of your own, you need to decide on a few important things, including the audience and purpose of the newsletter. Make sure to stay consistent with the brand voice. Look at other newsletters for examples, ideas, and inspiration on how you want your newsletter to stand out.
  • 2. Make it catchy
    Whether you're writing about an exciting new change at your company or promoting a new product, you need to capture the customers' attention. Create interesting copy that will keep customers reading your newsletter to the very last page. And don't be afraid to get creative and have a little fun.
  • 3. Keep it consistent
    Make sure your newsletters are released on a schedule you can stick to! People appreciate the consistency of a regular newsletter, so be sure to give yourself (or your team) the time to create and release a newsletter you can be proud of.
  • 4. Remember your audience
    When crafting a newsletter, it helps to keep the audience in mind throughout the entire process. Are you reaching out to potential new customers? Are you speaking to experts in your industry? By remembering your audience, you will end up tailoring the newsletter to appeal to their needs and interests, resulting in a more effective campaign all around.
  • 5. Get creative with your design
    Explore different newsletter templates to find the one that fits your needs. Whether you want to create a business newsletter that's got plenty of graphics, or a school newsletter with lots of copy, there's a template for that! Brother Creative Center has free downloadable, printable templates that you can customize and alter depending on your business and industry.
  • FAQ

    • How do I create a newsletter template?
      1. Find free newsletter templates that you can customize and download from Brother Creative Center.
      2. Choose the best template for your business or industry and customize as needed.
      3. Add copy and graphics, including business logo.
      4. Download and print it out to send to your customers, or you can send it as an email newsletter.
    • What can you include in a newsletter?

      You can include everything from event announcements to new promotions in your business newsletter. Here are some other topics which you could include:

      1. The background and story of what your company is all about
      2. Interviews with industry experts
      3. Industry and company news
      4. Internal success stories, from job promotions to fun corporate events
      5. New products and innovations
    • What makes an effective newsletter?

      An effective newsletter should include the following components:

      1. Useful and relevant information about a company, product, service, or industry
      2. Promotional materials and coupons
      3. Appealing visuals that catch the eye
      4. An understanding of the audience who will be reading the newsletter
      5. A Call to Action that will inspire readers to engage with your company
    • How often should you send out a newsletter?

      The frequency of newsletters varies widely; some are once a week, while others appear every few months. Deciding how often to send out your newsletter depends on the below factors:

      1. How long it takes to generate and send out the newsletter
      2. How often you can supply new and interesting copy for the newsletter
      3. The purpose of the newsletter
      4. Your audience; remember, you don't want to overwhelm people with more material than they can handle, but you do want to keep them engaged


      Consider all these factors, then decide what's right for you and your needs. Make sure you have the time to create a clear, professional-looking newsletter that gets to job done!

    • How do I make my business newsletter look professional?

      There are a few effective ways to ensure the business newsletter you produce looks clean, polished, and professional:

      1. Standard font: Make sure the font you choose is legible and easy to read. 
      2. A business newsletter template: These take the guesswork out of creating a newsletter, making it easy to plug in your own content and images.
      3. High-quality graphics: Avoid images that look grainy or pixelated, which will reduce the overall quality of your newsletter.
      4. Appealing design: Keep your newsletter from being too copy-heavy by including graphs, infographics, and bulleted lists to keep readers engaged!