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Frequently Asked Questions

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All the most frequently asked questions about how to save your design.


1. Can I save my project?

Yes, you can save your project as a PDF file. To save/export your project as a PDF file, click the "Save PDF" button and then save the PDF file in your default download location, or click "Cancel" if you decide not to save your project.

Please note that you won't be able to modify your project once you saved it as a PDF file.

2. I finished my project and want to print it later.

You can print your project at any time once the project is saved as a PDF file:
1. Save your project as a PDF file.
2. Open the saved template.
3. Select File > "Print" and proceed to print the template.

3. When creating a PDF file, the status bar moves slowly.

It may take some time depending on the template size. Please also make sure to check your Internet connection.

4. I saved my project, but don't know where it is.

The PDF file will be saved in the file download location in your browser. The file download location varies depending on your operating system, and/or browser. This might be your operating system's Downloads folder, the desktop or somewhere else if you modified this setting.

5. I want to save my project but I want to be able to continue editing it later. How do I save my project for later?

You can save your project if you wish to edit it at a later time, simply by clicking the ‘Save for Later’ button. Please note that the project file may not be able to be saved locally depending on your tablet or mobile device.