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All the most frequently asked questions about how to print your designs.


1. How can I print my personalized template from the editing software?

If you would like to further edit your project in the future, please save your project file for later using the "Save for Later " option.
This step will save your project file as a .BCC file. Next, in order to print your project, please then save your project as a PDF file.
Once you have saved the project file as a PDF file you can open the PDF file on your computer and print the PDF file. You may open the previously saved .BCC file at a later date to continue editing.

If you do not wish to edit your project further, please save your completed project as PDF file once you have completed editing your project. 
Please note once you save your project as a PDF file, it will no longer be editable, but you can now open your saved PDF file on your computer and print the saved PDF directly from your computer.
Click here to download Adobe® Reader® . (This link goes to the Web site of Adobe Systems Incorporated.)

2. Can I view my project before printing?

If you want to view your project before printing, click on the "Preview" button to launch the preview page.

3. How can I print the greeting card (brochure, mailer) on both sides?

The "Print page by page" function will allow you to print a 1/2 folded card, brochure or mailer on both sides. In order to print on both sides correctly, you should print a test sheet to check the direction of the paper feed of your printer. The Print page by page button will show only if your project has 2 pages or more.

1. Print the first page of your project (front and back page) by selecting the "Print page by page" function.
2. Once you printed one side, re-insert the paper into the paper tray of your printer to print the other side and click the "Print next page" to print the inside page.

4. What's the difference between the "8 cards per page" and "10 cards per page" layout for business cards?

A single card is formatted to be 2" x 3 1/2" (or 54 x 89mm for A4). If you want borderless (edge-to-edge) printing of your cards, please select the 8 cards per page layout. For the 8 cards per page layout, each card is printed a little larger than the formatted size, while the 10 cards per page layout has each card printed a little smaller and does not print edge-to-edge. In both cases, the cards are formatted to be printed on Letter (or A4) size paper.

5. Can I print a specific page?

Yes, you can select to print only the page(s) you want using the "Print page by page" function.

6. Can I print on A3/Ledger?

If you have an A3/Ledger-compatible printer/MFC, you can print it on A3/Ledger paper. Change the printer property to A3 or Ledger in the printer driver dialog box before printing.

7. After I clicked ‘Print your Document’, the status bar moves slowly.

It may take some time depending on the file size or the number of assets to load full resolution assets. Please also make sure to check your Internet connection.