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Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ | Open your saved project file

Find out how to save a project and continue to edit it later.


1. How can I start re-editing my project?

You can start re-editing your project by the following steps.
1. Visit the start page
2. Click the “Edit File” button to open the software.
3. Click on the "Upload" button and browse for your saved project. (File type: .bcc)

2. I want to edit a PDF file.

Once a project is saved a PDF, it can’t be edited further on the Brother Creative Center. If you want to modify your project at a later time, please make sure to save it by clicking on the "Save for later" button. Please note that the project file may not be able to be saved locally depending on your tablet or mobile device.

3. I saved my project file for editing at a later time but don't know where it is.

The default destination for saving the project varies depending on your operating system, and/or browser. Make sure that you have specified the destination of your project file (File type: .bcc) after saving it for later.

4. I cannot open my project file on my PC.

You will need to open your project file (File type: .bcc) from the Brother Creative Center website to edit your project again.
Please visit the start page.

5. Am I able to use editable files (file type: .edit) from the previous editing software with the new editing software?

We have updated our website and replaced our previous editing software with the latest technology for an enhanced Creative Center experience. 

Previously created .edit project files are no longer compatible with the new editing software and previously created .edit project files are also not able to be converted to the new file format of .bcc. We apologize for the inconvenience. We invite you to create a new project using our new editing software to save in the new file format (.bcc).

6. I got a "Loading unsuccessful" message when I tried to open the template I was working on before.

Please make sure that your project file is the correct one. An example of the default file name is Brother_20181024170057.bcc and its file type is ".bcc". Your operating system may be set to hide file name extensions, but you can change these settings to make them visible. Depending on what operating system you use, you can go into your file settings and turn off this setting to show known file type extensions.

7. Uploading stops and/or is slow while uploading the project file from my PC.

It may take some time to complete the upload, depending on the size of your photo and image. We would recommend deleting the photos and the images you didn't use on your project to reduce the total file size before saving please also make sure to check your Internet connection.