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FAQ | Decoration

All the most frequently asked questions about choosing and adding decorations.


1. How can I add more decorations to my project?

1. When you start your project in the Brother Creative Center, all decorations associated with your template will already be featured in the Decoration Library.
2. If you'd like to add new decorations, click on the "Add Decorations" button and you will be able to search for images from the Creative Center.

2. I want to align the decorations.

You can align the decorations by following the steps below.
1. Select the decorations you want to line up by pressing the Shift key on your keyboard.
2. Click on one of the "Align" objects on the Edit toolbar. This allows you to align left, right, top and bottom along with the corresponding side of the photo, the image and the canvas. You can also center and align your decorations horizontally and vertically.

3. I want to move the decoration behind/in front of the other ones.

If you want to move a decoration, select the object you wish to work with on the canvas.
To bring the object forward, click on the "Bring Forward" button and it will move forward one place.
To send an object backward, click on the "Send Backward" button and it will move backward one place. You can repeat these steps until you positioned the objects in the desired order.

4. I want to add a drop shadow to a decoration.

Use the "Shadow" function on the Decoration toolbar to add a drop shadow to your decoration.

5. How can I rotate or flip a decoration?

Use the "Flip" or the "Rotate" function on the Decoration toolbar to rotate or flip your decorations.

6. How can I have the decoration tiled?

You can make the decoration displayed in sequence by using the "Tile" button on the Decoration toolbar:
1. Drag and drop the decoration you want to tile on the canvas.
2. Adjust the graphic size (or skip to step 3 if you don’t need to adjust the size).
3. Click the "Tile" button on the Decoration toolbar.
4. Once you enlarge the decoration, you'll see a tiled effect.

7. How can I add deleted decorations back on the canvas?

Once you deleted the decoration/photo/image from the canvas, it cannot be undone. Please drag the thumbnail from the library and drop it onto the canvas again.

8. How can I avoid accidentally moving decorations on the canvas?

You can lock an object so it cannot be moved: select the object and click the "Lock" button.
The object will now be highlighted with a black and white dotted container box when you select it.
To unlock the object, simply select it so the black and white dotted container appears and click the "Lock" button.