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Party Decoration templates available, check out the Brother Creative Center now.

Party Decorations

Our fun party packs are perfect for creating your own party decorations and are available to download and print for free. We have a wide range of seasonal designs that will help you entertain your family and friends and decorate your home. Why don't you have a look now!

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DIY party decoration ideas for many occasions

Find party decoration ideas for occasions such as birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or themes such as pirates, and princess parties.

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A wide variety of fun DIY party props

Choose from a broad range of party accessories such as party table decorations and settings, banners, party hats and more.

4 ideas on how to decorate a party

  • 1. Create a plan
    Before starting to create or buy your party decorations, create a plan on where and how you want to decorate. Plan on which parts of your house, you want to decorate, such as; the living room wall, window, dining table, cutlery, bathroom, terrace, door, etc. Once your decide when and how you want to decorate, then plan your schedule and set your budget based on how much time you have until the party and how much you want to spend.
  • 2. Choose a theme
    Having a theme for your party is a key ingredient to success. Based on the occasion, season and guest profiles, consider what kind of theme will entertain and excite your guests. Pirates, princesses, mermaids, fairies, certain eras and destinations, imagine what your guest will enjoy. Don't forget to apply the theme to other key elements of your party, such as music, lighting, food, drinks, costumes, etc. 
  • 3. Add a personal touch
    Instead of using standard decorations, why not add your personal touch. Surprize your party guests with a unique touch by adding customized elements that appeal to your guests by applying special words, images, photos or props.
  • 4. Do it yourself
    By doing it yourself, you will be able to set up your own original party decorations which will impress your family and friends. You will also be able to make savings which can then be used for other items for the party such as nice food and drinks! There are many content options available from the Brother Creative Center.
  • FAQ

    • How do I decorate my party within my budget?

      You can decorate your party within your budget by using DIY party decorations.

      1. Create a decoration plan based on the occasion and the guests.
      2. Choose a theme.
      3. Search and download free DIY decorations online, based on your theme, schedule and budget.
      4. Source necessary items such as paper, colouring, tools, etc. 
      5. Create your decorations.
      6. Decorate your party location.
    • What decorations do I need for a birthday party?
      1. Brighten up the walls, ceilings and windows with items such as buntings and paper chains.
      2. Decorate the food table, with items such as cup cake toppers, place mats, straw toppers, name place cards, napkin rings, etc
      3. Prepare items for the guests to wear, such as party hats, badges, masks, etc.
      4. Create party gift bags, boxes and tags.
      5. Have lots of balloons.
    • How do I create my own party decorations?
      1. Plan what type of decorations you would like to use for your party.
      2. Download free DIY decorations from websites such as the Brother Creative Center.
      3. Print them on nice paper.
      4. Follow the instructions to cut, fold and glue.