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Paper Craft & Origami templates available, check out the Brother Creative Center now.

Paper Craft & Origami

Our exciting printable paper craft and Japanese origami (paper folding) range is easy to make and with beautiful results. There are many ideas for you to choose from including 3D robots, animals, characters and objects, automata, mechanisms and much more!

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Create, decorate, and play

Whether you are looking for paper crafts for hobby, art, decoration, or pure fun, Brother Creative Center has a range of DIY design templates for both adults and kids.

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Moving paper toys to enjoy

Enjoy a variety of moving paper crafts which are perfect toys for the children. 

4 tips to create beautiful paper craft

  • 1. Search online
    Beautiful and fun paper craft templates are available on websites, such as Brother Creative Center, which you can download at no cost.
  • 2. Prepare the right tools
    While some paper craft may require no tools besides good paper, some more intricate paper craft will require various tools such as scissors, glue, craft knives, cutting boards, etc. Make sure to have good easy to use tools at your finger tips.
  • 3. Choose nice suitable paper
    Choose good quality paper which matches with the finished image you want to create with your paper craft. When choosing your paper, make sure that the paper is compatible with your printer. 
  • 4. Use a good quality printer
    Use a printer that produces high quality images and colors to ensure that your paper craft comes out in the right colour and quality that you would expect.
  • FAQ

    • What crafts can I make with paper?

      You can make a wide range of items with paper craft such as below:

      1. Animals
      2. People
      3. Robots
      4. Buildings

         and more.....


      You can also make paper craft that have movements, such as sliding and rotating, making it great fun not only for the kids but also adults.

    • How can I make paper crafts?

      You can make paper craft by the following steps:

      1. Search online for free nice paper craft templates
      2. Download and print the templates
      3. Follow the instructions to fold, cut and glue each part.
      4. Put the separate parts together.
    • What do I need to prepare to make paper crafts?

      You would need to prepare the following items:

      1. Good quality paper
      2. A good quality printer
      3. Scissors
      4. Glue
      5. Cutting knife
      6. Cutting board
      7. Ruler
      8. Pencil
    • How do I make origami?
      1. Decide what kind of Origami you would like to make by searching on Brother Creative Center.
      2. Prepare Origami paper to match the Origami you want to create. You can create your own purposely made Origami paper designs by downloading and printing templates from websites such as Brother Creative Center.
      3. Download the instructions.
      4. Fold your Origami paper by following the instructions.