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Mailer templates available, check out the Brother Creative Center now.


See your business soar to new heights with our customisable mailers. Make sure you reach the customers by using our easy to edit and print designs. Have a look at the selection here.

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Create custom mailers to advertise your business

Now you can create, print, and share personalized direct mails to attract customers, promote new campaigns, and boost your brand awareness.

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Wide range of professional designs

Choose from a wide variety of templates and designs to meet your business needs. Use our marketing suites to find the promotional design you're looking for.

6 tips on how to make direct mail campaigns more effective

  • 1. Get your customers' attention
    You can find free downloadable direct mail templates for a variety of industries at the Brother Creative Center that can be customised to the specific needs of your business.
  • 2. Have a clear message
    Keep it simple for your direct mail campaign with a limited and clear message. Let your customers know what you are promoting or selling, and why. Use bullet points and lists to share important information in a clean and attractive manner.
  • 3. Show originality
    Show off your company in your direct mailer campaign! This is the time to proudly display what makes your business so unique, and why customers and clients should pay attention.
  • 4. Maintain consistency
    It's important that your direct mail campaigns fit well with your overall branding plan. The best direct mailer templates let you add your own logos, images, and pictures of your company to your campaigns. Consistent branding will help customers remember your company.
  • 5. Have a strong CTA (Call to Action)
    What is the purpose of your direct mail campaign? With a strong call to action (and a little incentive), customers old and new can learn about and engage with your company. If you want people to know about a sale or promotion, make it powerful. Encourage customers to sign up for contests, answer surveys, or shop for amazing deals.
  • 6. Explore your options
    A successful direct mail campaign should be clear and legible, but that doesn't mean you can't think outside the box. Look for different styles of direct mailers that will catch the eye and hold the attention of readers. You can experiment with different free downloadable templates to see what works best for your business and your message.
  • FAQ

    • 1. Whats are the steps for sending direct mail?

      There is a number of steps required in sending out a direct mail campaign. The basic steps are as follows:

      1. Create your campaign.
      2. Compile a mailing list.
      3. Run your campaign.
      4. Track responses from customers.
      5. Analyse end results of campaign and use them to streamline the next direct mailer.
    • 2. How effective is direct mail?

      Direct mail marketing can be very effective, when done correctly, even in this digital era. It's an effective way to achieve the following:

      1. Attract new customers.
      2. Improve customer retention.
      3. Build a direct relationship with clients.
      4. Combine classic marketing techniques with your digital strategy.
    • 3. What are the benefits of direct mail?

      Direct mail advertising offers several benefits to businesses, including below:

      1. A high response rate from customers
      2. The opportunity to target exactly who is on your mailing list and maximise an ad campaign
      3. A direct and personal connection with customers and prospective clients
      4. With so many businesses focused exclusively on digital marketing, there will be less competition for attention in the mailbox - and a better opportunity to reach your customers.
    • 4. How do I create my own direct mail marketing campaign?

      Using a free downloadable template is the best way to design your own direct mail marketing campaign.

      1. The template should be printable, and easy to personalise.
      2. Once you've settled on the right direct mail template, add graphics and copy.
      3. Print out your direct mail advertising.
      4. Send out your campaign to your chosen mailing list.
    • 5. What do I include in direct mail?

      Make sure to include the following components for your direct mail marketing:

      1. Company name and logo
      2. Direct Call to Action
      3. Appealing graphics
      4. Any contact information, including business phone number and address
      5. A promotional offer or coupon that can be accessed through the mailer