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Happy Birthday Cards

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A variety of free design templates

Choose from a wide range of free printable birthday card designs wishing your family and friends a happy birthday!

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Customise your greetings

You can personalise your birthday card with your own message, decorations and photos.

5 tips on how to create customised birthday cards

  • 1. Look for the right online birthday card maker
    Choose a website that offers free, customizable templates for your birthday card needs. Brother Creative Center offers a wide variety of birthday card printable templates suitable for a wide audience, such as your wife or husband, mother or father, sister or brother, daughter or son or any family member, friends or colleagues.
  • 2. Select designs, fonts and graphics for your card
    Create your own birthday cards by choosing designs, fonts, and graphics which matches your family or friend.
  • 3. Write a personal message
    Add a personal message with suitable font types, sizes and colours.
  • 4. Use special photos
    Make your birthday card memorable with special personal photos.
  • 5. Use good quality paper for great results
    Download your birthday card template and print it on your own printer! Make sure to use good quality paper to enhance your special birthday card.
  • FAQ

    • How do I make customised birthday cards?

      You can create your own personalised happy birthday cards using free online printable templates available from services such as Brother Creative Center.

      1. Find a birthday card template which has a design that is matches the person receiving your birthday card.
      2. Type in a personal message that will provide joy to your family or friend's face with your preferred font type, size and colour.
      3. Add a nice photo which will put a personal touch to your birthday card.
      4. Enhance your card with decorations and graphics.
      5. Download the created template and print it on good quality paper with your own printer.
    • What is an online birthday card maker?

      An online birthday card maker will enable you to create, download and print your customised birthday cards on your printer. The merits of using an online card maker are as below.

      1. There is no need to spend time visiting a physical shop.
      2. You can make your own special customized card.
      3. Create and print any time you like.
      4. Download and save the template design on your computer and make changes whenever you want to.
      5. The service is available for free!